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Posted by wrs1864b at Sep 26, 2018 2:09:03 PM
Re: Community Shopkeeping Spreadsheets Preview and Feature Requests
nice spreadsheet.

A few comments:

1) how do you get the doubloon costs? I've always wanted to track it, but could never find an automated way of getting it. And, for Obsidian, since I can't use steam, I can't even manually look at the exchange.

2) In my system, I compute the profit per LABOR hour, not just the wall clock hour. This is especially important for things like shipyards where you can end up making a lot more profit per day on some things than others since can burn through a lot of labor quickly on a single order.

3) do you take into account that stalls have a much lower per-wallclock hour max labor throughput for expert labor? For rum, this is critical, since shops can make rum non-stop, but stalls can't.

4) I notice you have a column labeled "manual sort". I don't know if it helps, but in this game design post, I give a link to all commodities that show up in the dockside market, in the order that the game uses (along with kg and liters).

5) Last, and really minor, but I doubt most people recognize me as wayne schlitt, but rather as either algol or wrs1864b. even better, using a term like "market value" or something might be more helpful to your users.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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