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Posted by Zenithar at Sep 26, 2018 12:08:02 PM
Re: Community Shopkeeping Spreadsheets Preview and Feature Requests
Edit 1: If you've made a copy (Before the most recent edit to this post) throw it out - setting up the share process has broken some things. Give me a moment to correct that.
Edit 2: Issue corrected, can make copies. Potentially caught this before anybody did anything independent, I hope.

First shared community sheet available for use - if you want to test it out, or use it, the instructions are simple.

1) Go to the link
2) Log in or create a sheets account.
3) File -> Make a Copy.

Do whatever you like with your personal copy - you can edit things and do whatever you like with the dataset, which will automatically import, but things you do won't affect other users that have made a copy of the sheet. (Note - will not provide maintenance if you break your copy - make a new copy if you do. Don't make edits below row ~100.)

All the sheets share the same common datasource that updates once/day, and only queries the Yoweb and Schlitt sources once - all the sheets just inherit.

If you experience any obvious issues with it please get in contact with me here or via discord.

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