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Posted by Zenithar at Sep 18, 2018 2:19:50 PM
Community Shopkeeping Spreadsheets Preview and Feature Requests
I've been working on this the last while and am presenting a first draft preview specifically for a Distillery stall. There's a whole lot of other stuff this sheet pulls from that the user doesn't ever need to worry about.

By moving to google sheets I can add a whole host of features previous spreadsheets have been missing.

- Automatically pull tax and island information from yoweb.
- Inherit maintained information to other spreadsheets via referencing. (Any number of people will be able to use the spreadsheets and the queries to Yoweb (And potentially YAARG) will only ever run once.
- Publicly share the file for local copying via Google Sheets versus having to host a file on an external sharing site. You don't even need to log in to use some features.

Other features include select-able island site and shop size for comparing profitability across islands, and automatically calculating rent overhead and applying it to the effective/true cost of labor.

At this point I've got enough work in to show a brief preview, and ask about other features folks would like to see in the project.

There's a whole lot of stuff I can add, some of it being more labor intensive than others - and it'd help to know what people would consider useful.

(For example, if I add labor cost estimation to this thing I'd probably do so as a separate, premium version with a monthly PoE sub cost, because there is no API access to posted shop salaries and I'd be upkeeping that by hand.)

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