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Posted by hidemyhoney at Sep 17, 2018 8:24:41 PM
Re: Tips to improve your Battle Navigation if you don't have a good gunner or sailor
Hello this post is for those players that play in dead hours and can't find a proper sailor or gunner to make a trip.
Or players that only care about standings and not payouts.
But lets be honest nowadays its just score manipulation at this point.

This strategy is only viable if you only have 10 to 20 minutes to play since its way faster to improve your standing with harder rings.

Ok straight to the point, its possible to achieve Ultimate and #1 with the navy with green spawns.

Keep in mind all my spawns were Imperial

-Score is based on 5 things

1. score
2. accuracy
3. spawn difficulty
4. ring color
5. time

I do not know witch one affects the most when calculating the score, but this is my label feel free to use it or refusing it, but its a nice way to explain.

1. and 2. I count grapple as shots attempts.

3.4. This one is a boost to the battle score, perfect score on a green battle its an high excellent, perfect score on a red battle its an high incredible.
Basically you improve your rank faster if you fight close to red spawns.

5. time
This one is a tricky one it depends on the ultimate list, but since I'm #1 and I've logged my battles I can give the current best with some certainty.
Personally I do not know if Battle time does affect the final score, but since some people defend it and I can't be bothered to test it I add it to the list.

My last 70 battles average was 8 minutes (around 13 turns ) so this would be the high incredible mark.

Ok now that I set the label this is the current #1 score, so if you are doing equal or better you are in the right track to improve your standing on Emerald.

Last 70 battles :
1. Score ~78%
2. Accuracy ~ 81%
3. Imperial
4. Green
5.Time = 13 turns

Sloop score example:
max = 7 shoots + 1 grapple
for example a 5 to 1 battle and you grapple
its (6-1)*100/8 = 62,5%


You need narrow navigation to get access to the bnav mission

Shop for at least 1 respected sailor and 1 distinguished sailor
And if you like to shot at least a respect+ gunner.

To shop for swabbies just set the vessel to sail and choose another bnav mission.

Set sail without sailors, do not reach the first league point and turn around once you see it, you will get a spawn coming towards you.
After the first battle take off the sailors again and go to the 2nd league, you should have another spawn in that time.
For more spawns just go back to the 1st league and repeat the process.

Don't bother with greedy chests they only give coins and are divided among the crew around 800 per chest.

Bnav tips:

Cutters and Dhows = make them waste 12 moves after that they will only spawn 2 moves per turn, this is possible because of green ring.

Fanchuan = ya 3 moves vs 4 cmon way to easy just go around him and shot is back

sloops = surprise mf ! they either move like cutters and Dhows or they will move wherever they want ( I advise you to keep track of this bastards names for future encounters) until you shot them 5 times and wait till they run out of moves.

The battle itself is different from harder ring colors, instead of trying to predict their moves and staying in front of them, go for their backs until they run out of moves. Best way is to make them use right movements.
And you want the first 3 turns to lead them to an open area so they can be predictable.

Once they have their bilge up ( 5 shots taken ) and you are behind them they will only spawn one of this 2 moves ( front and left ), and its 2 turn apart. 1 turn they move, 1 turn they are a seating duck. You can regain your accuracy this way.

Green spawns can be abused to improve the accuracy since they become sitting ducks faster.

This was something I did on and off this year so you might not experience the same scoring curve.

Only started playing for #1 ( was neglecting accuracy ) last month at the 497th battle so its possible to do it in less time.
And my last booch (DC ) was the battle 565, so 70 consecutive battles with a decent score.

Stats for those interested:

4th battle neophyte/proficient

6th battle distinguished
8th battle respected
9th battle master

11th battle apprentice
13th renowned
19th grand-master

21st narrow

50th broad

85th legend
91st grand-master

100th solid

103rd legend
175th rank 8 gull
236th top 10 ocean 5 gull
280th rank 8 gull
308th rank 9 gull
320th rank 8 gull
334th rank 10 gull
351th rank 7 gull
402nd rank 7 ocean 5 gull

445th rank 5 ocean 3 gull Ultimate
491st rank 4 ocean rank3 gull

500th weight

502nd rank 2 ocean/gull
510th rank 3 ocean/gull
548th rank4 ocean/gull
559th rank 3 ocean/gull
597th rank 2 ocean/gull
605th rank 3 ocean/gull
625th rank 2 ocean/gull
635th rank 1

To give a perspective on how ring might affects the score:
Was Rank 3 ocean did 11 battles with an average score similar to what I said early and the rank 4 did 3 battles with an average of 76,7% score and 78% accuracy ~9 minutes per battle, on 1 orange and 2 red targets. ( I was helping in his vessel)
Result next day = I'm rank 4 and he is rank 3.

Basically you have to do more battles to surpass the difference or you have to wait til they booch a battle ( That's how I got #1 ) .
I think its obvious but a booched battle is something you have to avoid at all costs or else you are setting back your score a lot.

Now that you understand how mundane Battle navigation standings are I hope you give up on getting the perfect score but instead focus on the jobbers happiness and aim for short battles.

Just sit on guns, keep it paused when you want to place in your moves, to solve your gun problem.
Same with sailing and rigging.
Lets bring the community together! <3

Yumisa is hawt (Its true, its damn true). Thanks for avvie.

A fellow victim of neglect, from YPP.

How on earth does Emerald still have players? lolidk

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