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Posted by pete745 at Sep 13, 2018 2:23:35 PM
Bumper Sloop Event at Kent!
Emerald is seriously lacking random fun Black Flag would like to invite everyone to participate in bumper sloops Friday Sept 21st at 1pm game time. The event is simple....a blockade has been set for sloops only on the Isle of Kent for this date. Your flag can take in as many sloops as you like. Cannons are ineffective so you have to get the most points for your flag by ramming other sloops off points. You may post a job offer if you like or use flaggies/alts to man the sloops, but the maximum pay is 3k per segment. Any flag jobbing at a higher pay is disqualified. The winner is the flag that scores the most points. Black Flag will also be participating in this event. The prize is 200k to the winning flag payable to the monarch of the flag or authorized representative. Please post in this thread if you are participating. I need the flag name and who the prize money should go to if your flag wins. Good luck and have fun!
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