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Posted by Faulkston at Sep 10, 2018 6:33:21 PM
Re: Do opposing factions count as "At War" without declaring?
There is certainly potential for a corner case as Luki pointed out. It seems that there's been injuries to jobbers as long as their flag and the flag of the crew hiring them are at war with a third flag which sinks the ship they hired onto. That could mean that jobbers on Dark Seas oceans would be eligible for injuries as long their flag was in the opposite faction to the ship doing the sinking.

On Dark Seas oceans flags from opposing factions are automatically at war. The question is whether that means that explicitly declaring war does anything extra that enables injuries, or whether injuries are already going to happen during sinking. It's a good question and does depend upon the details in the code. If there is a distinction between "factions being permanently at war" and "at war with injuries possible", was that intentional or not?

A race condition would happen if the desired action happens only if there's a required sequence or timing of (uncontrollable) inputs/events. Meaning that malfunctions can be subject to chance and difficult to replicate. I don't believe that covers the issue here.
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