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Posted by mari_ at Aug 12, 2018 11:10:47 AM
POSTPONED Veto Events Present... Sloop BlackJack - Obsidian Edition (new date to come)

Sloop Blackjack - Obsidian Edition

Date: Sunday, Sept 9th
Time: 9am Pirate time (12pm EST, 5PM BST)
Where: Starting from Triplet's Treasure
Pre-Registration: Required, Deadline is Sept 7th, 8pm Pirate time (Team member names must be finalized by 9am on the day of the event (Sept 9th)

The Basics

1. Starting at Triplet's Treasure Island and ending anywhere you like, you and 3 mates have two hours to raise 21k in the booty chest, without going over. The team closest to 21k without going over wins.
2. You can go after brigands, or you can PVP other players in the Event crew.
3. One commodity will be designated as an "Ace". It will be announced just before the event begins, and if you pillage it, will be worth either 1k or 11k, your choice. No other commodities count toward your total.
4. The team leader will need to join the event crew as an officer (not just as a jobber) and must hold the deed to the sloop being used for the entire event. Please keep this in mind when registering the name of the team leader. Additional team members may also join the event crew if desired.
5. Remember to read the Full Rules before entering ;)
6. To register, completely read the full rules, and then post you are entering, your name, crew and flag. Also what name you will be using as Captain.
7. You must have ported your ship by the 2 hours for your haul to be counted, failure to do so will result in disqualification.
8. You must use the same 4 pirates during the event and their names need to be declared in the thread as per the rules, green named pirates will not be allowed, to keep battles fair.

The Day of the Event
1. In order to get your leader designated as an Officer, see Harrjm or Calamarie at the designated "gathering point", Veto's Flag Hall on Night Harbour. (Send a tell to Harrjm, Prosperity or Calamarie if you need a whisk). Somebody will be there from 7:00 AM Pirate Time onwards to get your crewed up. Team Captain must be joined into the event crew by 30 minutes prior to event start. (Only Team Captain's must join the event crew).
2. You are responsible for your own stocking and charting for the event.
3. Before the event starts, every vessel will be inspected for empty booty, etc. When you are ready for final inspection, let us know on /officer chat and somebody will be dispatched to you.
4. A review of the event rules will begin 8:45am GT. This is also an opportunity to ask questions about the event, if you still have any.

First place team gets first choice of prize from the list below, followed by the 2nd place team, etc.
-- Four Sloops (renamed <adj> Blackfish) - The winners will be able to petition the OMs with their choice of adjective following the event.
-- Winners will also receive 4 black/red inscribed ribbons.
-- Four Blugeons (Various colours)
-- Four Swords (various colours)
-- Four Poker Tables

We would like to thank Phaerie for the amazing artwork for this event, and look forward to you joining us on our first of many planned events.
Calamarie - now also in Obsidian flavour!
Dignity - Emerald

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