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Re: Guerrilla Warfare's First Shoppe Event
The Queen of Antix’s Dream

The melanaster blew its bubbles,
Consider it Sunk was giving its island no more troubles.

But the battle had been fierce,
And not everyone made it out in one piece.
The lion had been slain,
And Antix was his name!

Pastey put his captain under covers,
And whispered,
‘Sleep well, Anthony.
May you soon recover.’

Antix fell into a deep sleep,
And dreamed about the girl,
The girl he was destined to meet.

Complex skin,
Wrinkles of the past,
Everyday different,
Never changing fast…

The werewolves came and died,
And Antix finally revived.

He looked in the mirror,
And what he saw made him shiver.
For his beard had been shortened a sliver.

‘Not the beard!
Now how will I be feared?’
Antix was very upset and said,
‘Pastey, is there any hope left?’

‘Captain, don't be upset!
I have something interesting that might give you hope yet!
The new boxes have been given a head start.
I've been waiting for you to take them apart!’

‘Pastey, you innocent child.
How could more boxes possibly change my state of mind.
I already have all the animals I want in my menagerie.
Why don’t you just save me from this insanity.’

‘But captain, I swear to thee.
These boxes are not the same as usually.
There is a rumor there is a new pet.
One that you have never even seen yet.’

Together they opened a few boxes
And went through a couple of brown foxes.
But alas, the thing they were looking after could not be found,
And so their impatience started to resound.

‘No new animals’, cried Antix? ‘This is nasty!’
‘It looks we've been bamboozled’, added Pastey!
‘This is madness!’ grumbled Antix. ‘I'll have a walk.
We're nowhere close to leaving this deadlock.’

Antix strolled through the woods.
Sulking and up to no good.
It was getting dark and he would need a place to sleep.
On top of that his tummy made a big eek.

Suddenly he heard a loud crack,
As something stirred behind his back.
He quickly turned around with a twirl,
And saw before him the shape of a girl.

With a sweet voice she uttered:
‘What's the matter?
Please don't fetter!
I know what ye be looking after.’

‘Ahoy! From which port do ye hail, and how many years are upon ye?’ he stammered.

‘I'm the Witch of the Wild,
Pleasure to meet.
Here, have something to eat!’

‘What is this you have given me?’
‘This is broom flower.
It will make you feel very sweet.’

Antix didn't trust the shiny weed.
But his stomach said, ‘scupper it,
Give me something to eat!’
And so Antix ate the yummy treat.

Antix started to feel dizzy in his head,
And couldn't contemplate
Any of the things the witch even said.
His vision too became upset,
Like the eyes on Drunky's portrait.

The Witch of the Wild took his hook,
And guided the schnook to a new part of this book.
They arrived at a grot,
Where he was prophesied to meet his lot.

Antix couldn't believe his eyes,
For there before him was a
Thing he could never have surmised.
A blue piggy with yellow-green eyes!

It was worth all the suffering,
To meet this new pet of him.
The piggy jumped on him and delivered a lick.
Antix thought it was pretty slick.
But didn’t hesitate and kissed the piggy on the mouth.

And so it came to be that Antix was enthralled
By the Witch of the Wild,
The piggy he saw in his hallucinations.
Forever to be a puppet of her combobulations.

As the wedding came to an end
She whispered in his ear.
‘By the way,
My real name is Joshsivils!’
And Antix sighed, ‘Oh dear.
The end is near!’

And so Antix and Joshsivils ruled over Melanaster in peace
Until the end of time,
Of the server lease.

The End!

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