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Posted by Grinfish at Aug 5, 2018 3:21:02 PM
Re: Guerrilla Warfare's First Shoppe Event
Thanks for the prize folks!

Hopefully y'all caught Julie's Winning story on Pika and Betty's Twitch blockade feed, as orated by none other than the delightful Mrs Harrjm!

No such pretty delivery for mine, but here it is in all it's glory - if perhaps a blockade too late ;)

Well, this is the story all about how
A pirate's life turned crow's nest-down
Why don't you grab a mug o'grog and just sit right there
And hear the tales of Antix, King of Guerilla Warfare...

In West of Cerulean, spawned and raised
In hostile water's where he spent most of his days
Navvin' and maxin' and sinkin' old fools
Firin' cannonballs at 'em for islands to rule
When a piratey lass who could carpent so good
Desperate to impress with how she handled wood
Nailed his heart to the mast, made him weak at the knees
And said "You're coming to live with me on the Darkest of Seas!"

Well that journey was an epic, sailing from There to Here
Across uncharted waters and through whirlpools they steered
With their hands clasped together as they both did their duty
And Antix's mind full of dreams of sweet booty...

Their sloop beached at night and together they landed
Minus one eye, and his belle now one-handed
The journey had been hard on poor Antix's maiden
Fighting off brigands who were trying to raid 'em

They sought out a warm shelter and a flagon of rum
Found an Inn full to brimming with scurvy old scum
When the third mug was down, Old 'tix lost his head
An indecent proposal, and the next day they wed

"A Mistress now Missus!" to the love of his life
"We're joined for eternity, husband and wife
There's just one thing that's bugging me, darling my dear
I don't know yer name after sailing a year!
Better tell me now, keeping it secret is rotten
Then you won't be like my other four wives - best forgotten!"

His lady smiled wide as a weighty young broad
Her eyes shining brightly as his hands went aboard
"Oh Antix, if I tell you now you'll think it's just lies
For now you can just think of me as Your Greatest Prize"

Now No Man Is an Island, I'll tell you that straight
But Women can be a far more mysterious date
Antix had married, loved, became master
Of the spirit of a land they now call Melanaster.

~Whitewyvern, Pirate (aged 12)
Whitewyvern. Distinctly Limey.
Retired, No regrets.
Unretired, still No regrets.
Available in Cerulean and Obsidian flavours.

Briggs wrote: 
StuManchu puts the "sensual" back in "Nonconsensual"

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