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Posted by Griffus8 at Aug 5, 2018 7:19:48 AM
Future Plans on Oceans
Yes..... I am sure you have heard it again and again and again but seriously do you think no one will ask what is going to happen to the so called 'classic' oceans?

I am simply asking the game developers and other grey havens staff to give us some reassurance on the life expectancy Plans on the classic oceans.
the so called replies as; ''we have no plans to close any ocean'' does not settle with people who play an ocean that was once populated with 200-400 players ( Meridian ).

We simply are asking for some answers into what is the plans going forward for said oceans? Meridian, Jade, Opal.
Emerald looks to be running alright and Cerulean is holding with the subbys.

We want to purchase dubloons during promos but if we invest and the new features don't come to classic oceans then what is in it for us? I don't want to spend 500$ and next month the ocean closes.

People like me who are not fans of the new ocean and the way it runs ( Like PvP and shoppe dusting among other things ) are still playing on the older classic oceans. Meridian is home and well always be home for me it is where I started off and its where I'll end my career with PP.

I hope we can get some information in regards to what are the future plans for the oceans ( Meridian, Jade, Opal ) Heck even Emerald and Cerulean.

Even information about going forward as a game?

Dark seas has been very successful and I wish all my friends and former meridian players who left for the ocean a successful and amazing time! Please do no forget about the last remaining few whom are dedicated to Meridian! :)
Because we are still here!

-Vorrhees :)

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