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Posted by DerSteinbock at Aug 4, 2018 5:56:27 AM
Re: Event: The Great Escape! Win a Hera Doll Trinket! (deadline 26 August 11.59pm)
Sent by Steinbock from Obsidian Ocean

The Oceanmasters were prisoning innocent Ippolitas under the seas! The plan of Seahorses was to somehow break the golden lock of the improsining cage. One day a curious Crab came along and saw the shiny lock. The lock was so luminous that the Crab became both frightened and rejoiced, because it has finally found itself a wonderful trinket! So Ippolitas told the credulous Crab to break the lock with its claw.

In the end, Ippolitas obtained their freedom by the help of a Crab. The joyful Seahorses carried the pieces of broken lock for their delighted friend. After these tiny critters arrived to a safe place, both Ippolitas and Crab were happy. Now the Ippolitas are enjoying the life of freedom.

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