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Posted by Hera at Jul 29, 2018 3:13:58 PM
Event: The Great Escape! Win a Hera Doll Trinket! (Winners Announced)

Winners here!

The Great Escape! (or how Ippolito Familiars finally arrived on Obsidian!) An art event!

Ippolito familiars have finally been spotted on Obsidian Ocean! Just how did those critters finally evade the Oceanmasters and find their freedom? I want to know so I can prevent future escapes! Its up to YOU to show me their escape plan! This is primarily an art event; how you illustrate it is up to you. It could be a map with notations of escape steps, it could be a picture showing objectives needed in order for them to gain freedom, it could be a one page cartoon panel showing the different stages of the escape. We are only after one image; after all Ippolito familars are small things and wouldn't be able to hide a bigger multi-page plan!

What to do!
- Create an escape plan that the Ippolito familiars may have used.
- Your plan can contain both illustrations and text
- Your plan should have a YPP theme

Please include the following in your post :
- Your pirate's name and ocean (open to all oceans)
- Post the original plan in this thread as shown here. Please keep it to a maximum size of 600 x 600 pixels. (you can link to a larger image as well if detail is lost)

The Prizes

Prizes will be flexible, depending on the quantity and quality of entries, but you can expect to see

* Hera Doll trinket
* Renamed Sloop
* Clothes, trinkets, furniture
* Hera Eggs (Because everyone loves those!)
* Shiny Sun Points!

Other rules/information
-Only one entry per player
-Original art work please - while I'm after elements in the game being used, I do want you to draw them and not photoshop existing artwork into your work.
-Contest will finish 26 August 11.59pm game time
- You may edit your post up until the deadline.
- I'm sure it goes without saying, but lets please keep the entries PG13!

Sun says, "Selling Hera, one careful owner, slightly foxed, very Zeused, for 800 million billion PoE, 250 indigo ribbons, a chipmunk familiar called Robin and a piece of moss!"

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