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Posted by Filthyjake at Jul 26, 2018 11:14:58 PM
Re: Honest Qustion
this game had (and still has) a very low threshold for what you could get without subscriptions (or doubloons), which limits how long people are going to play it before making that decision to buy in or go home.

This is the real issue with gaining new players, to start out they don't know what to do to make money and with no stats people are skeptical to hire them as they don't do so well or think they are alts ect....

The Sub ocean doesn't even let you wear shoes with out a sub not a big deal and your stuck as a cabin person, can't do much other then pillage and kades and floats. Can do other things on free days but again weapons are really weak or not allowed so hard to beat other players with the best weapons.

The Dub Ocean is so harsh to get going Want a sloop 10 dubs, want a sword 10 dubs want an out fit your safe if you can find one on the rack. Bludgeon 10 dubs Found a crew and they will make you an officer if you have a ship need the badge 8 dubs. So to start out you need about 38 dubs 3k each 84k in poe plus the items prices which means they need roughly 160k.... rookie pillages pay out 5-800 poe a battle on a great day.... so that's about 20 battles if you can get on a ship....

I really am trying to figure out where the huge change is as to why the people once came and now its hard to get new people to stay, Ya Its a dated game but there isn't one like it or even close. I really think the reality is its just to hard to get started and hooked on it.
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