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Posted by wrs1864b at Jul 26, 2018 7:02:22 PM
Re: Honest Qustion
the dub exchange also has problems. It is unstable. The game, with only a few exceptions, requires sinking dubs in order to sink PoE, and the rate built into the game is about 1-2k PoE per dub. The higher the exchange rate, the fewer dubs people can place on the exchange without getting too much PoE for the dubs they have left. This can cause the exchange to collapse, like it did on meridian.

I keep track of the number of players who have logged in in the last 10 days (what the game called "active pirates"). This is different than the number of actual people, or the number of pirates logged on at a given time, but all three numbers track each other. Since 2007-01-01, Meridian dropped from around 5000 "active" pirates to around 1500. Cerulean dropped from around 2200 "active" pirates to 1400. In a few more months, Cerulean will probably pass Meridian.

So, dubs don't cure everything.

That said, both Cerulean and Meridian have joined Ice in having populations so low that the commodity spawns are a little wonky. There is a minimum spawn rate, which exceeds the rate of consumption so prices of all commodities keeps dropping. This hurts the meridian dub exchange even more since the amount of PoE being sunk is even less.
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