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Posted by xelto at Jul 26, 2018 6:23:32 PM
Re: Honest Qustion
People are quite willing to pay real money to play a game, otherwise the dub oceans wouldn't have dubs on the exchange and OOO would have shut them down.

To understand why dub oceans were more sucessful than sub oceans, you need to think about two key things about how people act.

First, people want to know something is worth it before they spend money on something. Recommendations help, but trying before you buy is even more effective.

Second, people won't change for something slightly better, something new has to be MUCH better.

So, while you can play "free" on sub oceans, you are very limited. On dub oceans, you can try out more of the game without sinking a single dub.

To this you can add in that Y!PP is a more casual game than many other subscription games. While there are a few people who will show up five or more days per week, many other players only hop on a few times a month. And when you're doing that, well... are you going to pay $10 per month for what are relatively simple puzzles, many of which have variations that can be found online elsewhere for free?

I don't think it would have been quite so bad if the bling you could purchase with your pieces of eight wasn't quite so limited. But this game had (and still has) a very low threshold for what you could get without subscriptions (or doubloons), which limits how long people are going to play it before making that decision to buy in or go home.
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