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Posted by Filthyjake at Jul 26, 2018 12:16:43 PM
Re: Honest Question
Hmm.... its starting to make some logical sense to me now. People wanted more of an alacart game, makes sense with labor alts (personally didn't enjoy subscribing with multiple accounts that I didn't use for more then the whopping 16 hours of labor.

The sub option isn't appealing till your a daily player as many who play are but there are to few of us now, and many like the alacart for their labor alts and even have the options of 24 or 72 hr badges.

Over all I guess I can see both ways thanks to all who took a few minutes to help me to understand the history. I really hope the numbers can get close to 1k a day again somewhere on some ocean. I can't even imagine kades with 6-800 people per side that would be so much fun.
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