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Posted by majestrate at Jul 26, 2018 11:49:37 AM
Re: Honest Question
hidemyhoney wrote: 
Back when Puzzle pirates first came out the servers on subscription oceans had around 3k players which was around 2003 then when Doubloon oceans were released due to players wanting an alternative, so then Subscription oceans started to die and Doubloon Oceans started to gain with my previous post explaining why. I don't think they have much memory on the charts where I could only see back to 2008, tbf the game made way too many Oceans in the first place which divided up the playerbase too much.

Where are you getting 3,000 players in 2003 from? I thought for sure the number was around the 2k mark (1800-2400 range) in 2004/2005. Might be poor memory though, it was 15 years ago.

Filthyjake wrote: 
I have been told I don't know the history of the sub/dub oceans. This is true, I don't understand why the sub ocean died off.

IIRC, back in 2004ish, there were players saying that they were tired of paying full price when they only do a couple of things in the game. And there were also complaints about paying full price but only logging in 7 or 8 days a month. It was asked that a solution be found to allow you to not only pay for just the features you wanted to use, but to also have that time period only count against you when you login.

Around that same time (probably earlier than player complaints, but this is all subjective based on my horrid memory) OOO saw how Asia was moving more towards micro-payments for content in-game. And the desire was to try and expand the game into the Asian market. So OOO began working on the doubloon solution.

There is an interview somewhere that has Cleaver talking about why OOO gambled on micro-transactions, but I don't remember what search terms I used to find it or who it was with. I think someone linked to the article in the forums, but the same issue applies. And I'm not so concerned about figuring it out.
Marto wrote: 
We can't rely on majestrate he yells at people

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