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Posted by Pikapyah at Jul 26, 2018 10:52:48 AM
Re: Honest Qustion
And this is exactly why World of Warcraft is the only true mmorpg that tanked "time" and is still alife in all its glory. Why in the world would you swap from a subscription based game type to a free type with tons of MTX. i'll tell you why, RIFT, SWTOR, tera,GW2,YPP...? all subscription launched games. What happend? they where shit. Just as simple as that. If your playerbase is not willing to pay for the game what does that translate to? your playerbase is saying...your game is shit. 0 dedication towards the game.

I've been playing WoW for 14 years jake, there isn't a single post crying to remove the subscription from it from millions of players . Why? Because even tho Blizzard can probably end the hunger in Afrika with a year of MTX revenue. They will never remove the subscription because the subscription shows dedication to the game from both sides. They will never stop creating content and the people will never stop paying.

The moment u end ur subscription based style is the moment ur game dies. And ypp has tanked it a "Scuppering" long time.
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