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Posted by wrs1864b at Jul 26, 2018 6:55:38 AM
Re: Honest Qustion
I have been told I don't know the history of the sub/dub oceans. This is true, I don't understand why the sub ocean died off.

Basically people don't want to pay money to play a game. No matter how many benefits subscription oceans have over doubloon oceans, people basically won't pay a subscription to play or even bother to dub-scribe every month to just play there. Cerulean has had a lowish population for a long time, while other populated doubloon oceans have had a more healthy population, if were talking from 2012 onwards.

This is clearly not true on several points.

People are quite willing to pay real money to play a game, otherwise the dub oceans wouldn't have dubs on the exchange and OOO would have shut them down.

To understand why dub oceans were more sucessful than sub oceans, you need to think about two key things about how people act.

First, people want to know something is worth it before they spend money on something. Recommendations help, but trying before you buy is even more effective.

Second, people won't change for something slightly better, something new has to be MUCH better.

So, while you can play "free" on sub oceans, you are very limited. On dub oceans, you can try out more of the game without sinking a single dub. More over, you can use the dub exchange to quickly get access to MUCH more of the game by trading PoE for dubs.

Once you get your start on an ocean, switching oceans is very costly. You have already made a lot of friends, learned the ocean, etc. Switching oceans, either dub to sub or sub to dub, won't even be considered by most players.

The dub exchange also let people use their real world money to save a lot of time to advance in the game by buying PoE off the exchange. No such option was allowed on sub oceans.
Algol can not assert the truth of all statements in this post and still be consistent.

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