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Posted by hidemyhoney at Jul 26, 2018 6:14:05 AM
Re: Honest Question
I can understand that, but then how come there are so many box fams, and clothing along with other items around?

To promote people to pay money for the game, that leads towards a subscription or dub-scribing to get population numbers up on Cerulean.

But where's the qustion?????

Read it :P

Did the sub ocean's ever have a population? The charts don't really show one but I don't know what oceans were sub/dub. What merged with what ect. The question is what happened and why.

Back when Puzzle pirates first came out the servers on subscription oceans had around 3k players which was around 2003 then when Doubloon oceans were released due to players wanting an alternative, so then Subscription oceans started to die and Doubloon Oceans started to gain with my previous post explaining why. I don't think they have much memory on the charts where I could only see back to 2008, tbf the game made way too many Oceans in the first place which divided up the playerbase too much.
Lets bring the community together! <3

Yumisa is hawt (Its true, its damn true). Thanks for avvie.

A fellow victim of neglect, from YPP.

How on earth does Emerald still have players? lolidk

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