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Posted by Filthyjake at Jul 26, 2018 3:59:45 AM
Re: Honest Question
Basically people don't want to pay money to play a game. No matter how many benefits subscription oceans have over doubloon oceans, people basically won't pay a subscription to play or even bother to dub-scribe every month to just play there. Cerulean has had a lowish population for a long time, while other populated doubloon oceans have had a more healthy population, if were talking from 2012 onwards.

I can understand that, but then how come there are so many box fams, and clothing along with other items around?

But where's the qustion?????

Did the sub ocean's ever have a population? The charts don't really show one but I don't know what oceans were sub/dub. What merged with what ect. The question is what happened and why.
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