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Posted by Thomas91 at Jul 25, 2018 2:31:09 PM
Guerrilla Warfare's First Shoppe Event
Hello dear friends and foe of Obsidian. As promised Guerrilla Warfare will be hosting a story-writing competition for the ocean. The winner will receive a wonderful shoppe of your choice (name TBA) on Melanaster. As you have seen with some of our forum posts (tom cruise the elephant, Mtdizzle's revenge) we are a flag that enjoys a good read and we want to challenge the creativity of our Obsidian community.

For those of you who tune into Betty and Pika's stream, who are in our discord, or even who have played the game for years might have heard that our captain Antix enjoys a good pixelated marriage (four in total but who is counting). It has even been said that Antix has a wife in every port, on every ocean. Dear fun-loving and romantic Antix has been accused of marrying for politics, portraits and even corsets (don't ask) however we as a flag truly believe our captain and king marries out of the purest form of love; puzzle pirate love. With this event, we hope to change the perception of pirate romance as a whole and encourage more in-game marriages.

We want you to write a story detailing the fifth and fictional in-game romance of our captain Antix. How did they meet, where did they meet, was it love at first sight, was Antix romantic or a bumbling idiot. We ask that the pirate he romances be a fictional pirate but every other aspect of the ocean be real; in fact in-game references and Obsidian folklore (ie. 9999, #FreeSivils, owl exploits) are greatly encouraged. The story should run between 500-750 words although exceptions can be made for a longer or shorter story contingent upon the overall quality of the tale. We want there to be a certain amount of freedom with the story as not to stifle creativity.

The winner will be decided by a panel of five established Obsidian pirates. This will be volunteer based and I am currently looking so please contact me in game for more details. I would like this event to be as unbiased and fun as possible - so I will do everything that I can to ensure it is fair and fun for all. Submissions are to be sent to, including your in-game pirate name. The submission will then be passed on to the panel of five anonymously to avoid any bias. Submissions start Saturday following a Guerrilla Warfare successful defence and ends Wednesday the following week. Only one entry per pirate. The winners story will be posted on the forums for the enjoyment of all. You will have until Friday to collect the shoppe deed or it will be passed on to the runner-up.

Thank you and good luck to everyone

Guerrilla Warfare reserve the right to refuse an entry based on the suspicion that is a second entry through an alt. If there is a blockade on Saturday submissions can be submitted immediately following a Guerrilla Warfare win, if not the submissions will begin when the island is re-won.

The most inglorious of basterds, Mtdizzle

Viridian famous in 2008, Magicaltouch

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