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Posted by Flotch at Jun 30, 2018 8:02:22 AM
Selling pets
Selling an assortment of pets, I have too many!

gold cat X 3: 5K each

gold/white dog X 3: 5k each

gold elephants X 3: 25K each

gold big cat X 4: 25K each

plum/black? big cat: 40K

light blue/plum? big cat: 40K

"red" big cat: 40K

black small dog: 5K

Plum w/ gold? saddle pony: 30K

gold seal X 2: 15K each

black seal: 25K

strawberry ("red") yeti: 90K

gold fox X 2: 25K each

gold fox w/red bandana: 30k

gold?banana? panda: 60k

gold hedgehog X 7: 15K each

Woodenneye, on Cerulean

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