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Posted by Cronus at Jun 29, 2018 9:59:21 AM
Make Way For Full Launch - July 6th!
Ahoy! We're battenin' down the hatches as we near the end of Early Access. This doesn't mean we're done developing the ocean or making improvements, far from it. It just means that we're ready to welcome new mates aboard. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, full launch will be July 6th. We'd like to thank all of you who helped us improve the ocean for everyone.

One of our largest projects during Early Access was moving our servers (including the standard oceans) to something newer and more stable. This process was quite extensive, but is now complete. Huzzah! We've also made a large number of changes to Dark Seas over these past months which you can review here . Many of these changes are thanks to your feedback in Game Design.

We will be opening new islands on Dark Seas after the game is fully released. The first island to be opened will be our first large, Melanaster on July 14th. By waiting for a week after the launch, we'll give our new players a chance to be able to participate in the action.

We are planning other island openings this summer, however we will open them as competition demands and as we see how some changes affect blockades. As always, additional openings will be announced in advance in the Announcements forum thread.

As noted here and in the Announcements forum thread: Islands on the classic oceans will be closed to blockades on the weekend of July 14th. You will still be able to scuttle brigand kings.

For those who have been sailing the Early Access seas, we do not foresee us needing to wipe the server, so you'll retain all of your progress

Thank you all for the passion you have shown for this game these past few months. Please help us get ready to welcome new mates aboard!
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