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Posted by LJAmethyst at Jun 21, 2018 9:07:56 PM
Re: can you swap names with a pirate ?
You can change your name via the Rogue Mark Shoppe:

If you want to swap names with another pirate they must change their pirate name first, and then you can take their name. This would cost a total of 60 RMs.


"Swapping" names is something that will take at least 90 Rogue marks, and/or the help of a Developer.

Let's say I am named "Joseph" and my friend is named "Jack". For us to swap names, one of us will need to rename to a third name first, such as "Joseph" to "David". Then, "Jack" can become "Joseph" because it is free, and finally, "David" is free to become "Jack".

Theoretically, this should not be a problem. You could use any old third-name because it is ostensibly temporary. If someone really wanted to mess with you, he could maliciously steal one of your names while you were in the process of "swapping" because it is not an atomic operation. This is where a Developer might be able to help, but I kind of doubt that they will want to special-case something like this. They will probably just tell you to use the Rogue Marks and take your chances.
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