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Posted by Pikapyah at Jun 7, 2018 11:55:51 AM
Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League
Thanks for hosting this!
I was really excited and looking forward to participate but I got banned on monday for something I didn't do and by the looks of it Hera closed the appeal.

Good luck to you all though. Its sad to see that nothing has changed on their side but may lucky breakers be with you!

No, i feel you bro. The OM's banned tons and tons of people who verry recently traded with a RWTer, innocent or not. That's why i got a no trade list with all the royals of AH/CIS,...and ofcourse discriminate?
"economy killer, destroyer of stalls"
Pika says, "make it war bae"
Catch 'em all declared war on Scuppering Shrews.
Catch 'em all declared war on For Fox Sake.
Catch 'em all declared war on Consider it Sunk.

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