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Posted by Murcatto at Jun 6, 2018 8:03:45 PM
Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League

With Yppedia being a little unwieldy to update on the move, we've set up an excel that's more of a live table of how things are going, thanks Wiggin. Link is above

It has some extra stats too for anyone who enjoys such things. Cremate continues to cement his legacy tying for the top win percentage with Corteez.

Swordplay smashing it with over 50 matches, 50 percent win rate and an hourly update on the fact he's quitting, that he's the best, the worst and how no matter what sword his opponent has they've somehow cheated him. Hearty him seriously he is our Bi-Polar Charlie Sheen.

When will Xelliana slip out of her gown and take up her blade? Will Jonthecarper go from building and repairing to crushing our participants dreams!
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