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Posted by Murcatto at Jun 3, 2018 7:06:57 AM
Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League
There is a bitter irony to the fact that one of the Swordfighters you name and applaud as should have been included, is also serving a ban from the game, regardless of who I included nearly every top tier swordfighter has had some stain attributed to them so I would have been unable to please everyone, or left using names of people that no one had heard of.

Rumours of modding were systematic through the whole puzzle, not many players from then have survived until now and how much of that was down to being careful of when they cheated.

I'm sure given enough digging you'd have found complaints on every other swordfighter I named at somepoint or another, we as players also don't know which players only served suspensions.
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