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Posted by Enterprisetm at Jun 3, 2018 6:39:54 AM
Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League
Regardless of the flaws of the players behind the pirates, both of their names reasonate with many swordfighters. I find it unlikely that both of them "came back" and re-used old names for Obsidian. It's far more likely that someone who admired them or wanted to live of their names did so. (Which proves just how big they were, even after all this time)

All they did was stealing the prizes and poes from those who did not cheat. Who knows how many players actually quit the game after being cleared in consecutive swordfights against cheaters? How many sf (and td too) tournaments have been won by alts, and why do people feel the need to hide behind those new pirates? Cheating, of course, and swordfighting is one of the puzzles with the most extensive form of cheating.
I chose them as they were the pre-eminent players of their day, even while playing Tianx nor Demonyaj were compared anywhere near to the level both those players were at and Silverdawg being the superstar of his own time, when End came along the comparisons of both were that End was far better.

Pre-eminent, yes, because they were the first to indulge in systematic cheating with no respect towards the others.
These things are of course a matter of opinion and perhaps personal bias as to when I played more regularly. But it's a story written with some artistic licence, each mans hero is anothers villain.

There were enough other good sfers, with many videos uploaded on youtube, who actually shared part of their skill (Guantanamo, Jabez spring to mind as some with many videos, but there are many others too). Of course, End sharing skill would've been a lot easier, since it would've been just a link to a cheating program.
Do you only post negativity?

Cheating is one of the worst plagues that can affect a game, and PP wasn't spared from this. Negativity is the only attitude that a post promoting and admiring cheaters deserves.

I don't have a problem with your event, I think it's a nice initiative (I applaud the obligativity to record the games) and it also evokes a bit the annual Black Death swordfighting event. I'm just saying you could've chosen a different and more inspired way of promoting it.

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