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Posted by Murcatto at Jun 3, 2018 5:11:05 AM
Re: Obsidian Swordfighting League
Oh yeah, End and Side, those who were banned on the original oceans and then got banned AGAIN on Obsidian? Nice "hero" pick u managed there, I'm sure Demonyaj, Silverdawg and Tianx would be very proud to see their names next to those 2 cheaters..

Regardless of the flaws of the players behind the pirates, both of their names reasonate with many swordfighters. I find it unlikely that both of them "came back" and re-used old names for Obsidian. It's far more likely that someone who admired them or wanted to live of their names did so. (Which proves just how big they were, even after all this time)

I chose them as they were the pre-eminent players of their day, even while playing Tianx nor Demonyaj were compared anywhere near to the level both those players were at and Silverdawg being the superstar of his own time, when End came along the comparisons of both were that End was far better.

These things are of course a matter of opinion and perhaps personal bias as to when I played more regularly. But it's a story written with some artistic licence, each mans hero is anothers villain.

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