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Obsidian Swordfighting League
Obsidian Swordfighting League

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The moon was high in the sky as they finally made berth at Port Venture. It had been a perilous voyage through the northern wild seas, but a successful one as numerous pieces of eight were generously divvied up.

Arcturius passed him a jug of rum, mirth displayed across his features. He nodded slightly as he took the jug and in return offered a smile that didn?t quite reach his eyes. Drinking deeply, he mournfully scanned the rag-tag crew restlessly waiting out the storm above. Fatouma had her arm casually draped across Nourshan?s shoulders, the two quietly conversing near the ship?s hold. He watched as Conjecture?s hand not-so-delicately met Servotron?s buttocks, evoking loud cat calls from some of the crew. Wiggin and Hsu seemed to be involved in a highly heated debate over the proper maintenance of the cannons. And then, of course, there was Mewodii who sat cross-legged with her blade balanced on her thighs, paying no one any attention as she focused solely on the sharpening block in her hand and the steady, rhythmical sound of stone against steel.

How many had been lost on that trip to Bogong and back again, he mused to himself? How many more would be in the future? This wasn?t Dragon?s Nest to Tigerleaf. How many among those left could parry against even the weakest of attacks, or dodge the slowest of slices? As the darkened heavens above opened up, the crew quickly scattered off in a hundred different directions: Kutlasskayli and Leetage instantly dashed off towards the hearts table at the inn, while Meaneel chivalrously offered his coat to Book who was clambering down the gangplank.

Alone, Solitude meandered back to his cabin. The darkness of the room was marred only by a solitary candle almost run dry, which looked to match his very mood. But there was a solace that permeated that darkness, found in the history and memories of a different ocean, a different time. Sadly, mementos and keepsakes were now all that he had left of those days.

Idly he picked up a poker chip won from Habeel back in the day. On his nightstand lay a decaying rose of Sharayn, gifted to him by Devlina. Threatening to spill out of the wardrobe in the corner was the cracked hammer of Minisparrow and a stray cannonball, the last he had to remind him of Yukki. He couldn?t even catch a glimpse of himself without the eyepatch of Lilartist winking back at him from the mirror on which it was casually draped. The most prized among them all, though, were the swords. Those glorious, battle-scarred swords that hung proudly in their rack on the wall, reminding him of some of the best days of his life.

It was in that moment that he knew exactly what he needed to bring him out of his melancholia - a tournament of champions - gladiatorial combat at it?s finest! A tournament to rival all others and bring about another generation of swashbucklers, of dark knights was exactly what he - and the ocean - had been sorely missing. Obsidian doesn?t yet have an End or a Demonyaj, a Side or a Silverdawg; where is our Tianx? It was time to remind ourselves once again of what it felt like to be the proud conquerors of a new ocean...

Snatching up some ink, a quill and a fresh candle he sat at his desk, while the storm outside violently rocked the cabin?s shutters. Yet, with a sure and steady hand, Solitude penned the following missive to the ocean:

Invitations have already been sent out to a select number of players. For anyone not yet the recipient of an invite, we will be running a daily tournament where the winning pirate will earn a seat within the League. Alternatively, you may approach Shikamaru in-game for a Best Of 5 match. If you win 3 out of 5 back-to-back games, you will receive a physical token granting League entry. If you lose, you cannot ask for a rematch.

The key to this tournament is the ability to RECORD your MAIN EVENT games (only), and swiftly upload them to Google Drive (think Novo?s video and you get the idea). The League?s full rules and regulations, plus the prize breakdown, will be posted here one week from today, so keep you patchy eyes peeled. If any of ye scallywags have questions, feel free to post them below or hit Solitude up with a /tell in-game.


3 million pieces of eight (in total)
OSL Portraits to commemorate

Captain of Tick Tock
Stand & Deliver

Even winning means nothing. We win because itÂ’s an insult to lose.

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