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Posted by Nolfavrell4 at Apr 26, 2018 5:22:21 PM
Platinum With No Feature's plans for Alkaid
Greetings from your friends at Platinum With No Feature!

Since we just recently obtained Alkaid Island (special thanks to everyone who jobbed for us and helped out with the blockade efforts!) we wanted to let you know what our plans are for the island.

First, we know the shop owners have been struggling for a while under the 100% tax rate under BK rule, so we wanted to provide some relief. At a rate of -1% per day, we will slowly be lowering Alkaid's tax rate down to 60%.

We hope this will help current shop owners make a better profit, and encourage new owners to come to Alkaid.

Next, we plan to fully invest into Alkaid?s market. Our crew, Washington Redskins, loves to pillage and we have begun pillaging in the area and restocking on Alkaid. In addition to this, we will be buying fine rum, cannon balls, and ships of all sizes to beef up our war fleet for defensive and offensive blockading purposes.

Finally, we will be encouraging our flag and allies to purchase other items such as clothes, swords, potions, etc on the island.

We hope that these efforts will bring some business and labor to Alkaid in order to make it a competitive market and provide the shop owners with some much needed profit!

Please let us know if you have any questions. Fair winds!
Laefeal on Emerald
Nolfavrell on Meridian

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