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Posted by Meehearties at Apr 2, 2018 4:02:29 AM
Kraken Banners...Turn them back on please???
ok so....Kraken came out middle of 2014. I have been actively collecting furniture, clothing and trinkets from it non stop since it's release. I have a hunch that there is something amiss.

My collecting instinct tells mee that the kraken banner spawn has somehow been deactivated. It's kinda like my "grey colour in gold boxes being deactivated" hunch that turned out to be true.

The banners were one of the first things to spawn and they flooded the market. I gathered as many as I could but we are fast approaching year four of it's release and I can safely say they do not spawn anymore. I go on many runs, I talk to avid KH pirates and they seem to agree...Banners are not showing up in booty divides. Has somebody accidentally switched them off?

I know from my collection there should be 297 in total. So far I have 265, but I have been stuck at that figure for over 2 years or so at this point. I got one new banner last week from an old hearty who was dormant and had come back to game so we were able to figure out that this was an old spawn.

Can somebody please check into my hunch?

yours in ocd

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