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Posted by lilymoon at Feb 28, 2018 12:19:00 PM
Re: SCRAMBLED EGGS 2018! Design Furniture for the Game - Deadline: Saturday, March 10th

If you have any feedback for me and/or if I am missing something that you would like me to include please let me know!

Thank ye :)

Tutorial Linkie

I love the tutorial. I used to reference Silveransom's post/images too and I'm glad you've made it a YPPedia page.

I have a tip for on the "seamless design" section

A benefit of having your design be seamless, is that it gives the Ringers options for egg placement and ultimately the design will look very different based on its skin placement. A tip for determining your design element placement is using something like Offset in Photoshop.

A quick and easy way to see if your design is seamless, is to duplicate your design in a post, or even in a private message to yourself, without any spaces between the two image tags.

Thank ye Dexla :D I was glad I found those images since its a shame Photobucket got rid of their free storage.

Woot! Thank ye for the forum seamless test. I forgot about that one :D I updated the tutorial. Let me know if the way I added ye is OK :)
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