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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 26, 2018 10:47:55 AM
Re: Old player thinking about returning. Is it worth it? Discuss
I remember back in the day "elite" pillys would pay out more because you would face tougher bot crews? Tougher oppenents should pay out more in theory.

Yes, the brigands scale up and are "tougher" in some ways, but a lot of the "toughness" is that the bots make fewer really strange moves, they are more predictable. On the other hand, elite pillages mean that the bnavver rarely run out of moves or cannons to fire, while lower skilled pillages, the bnavver not only can'tt take damage without being hurt worse, but they don't have as many options. On an elite pillage and ult SF/able carper is vastly more useful than an ult carper/able SF. It is harder to be a bnavver on an "average" pillage than an "elite" pillage, which makes the game less fun for average players, which makes them leave, which makes it harder to run "elite" pillages.

But basically what I'm asking is the game still playable. I feel like back when I played there was avout 1500+ players daily and blockades would be an enormous event. How can one even blockade with 150 daily players? 2 ships at a time per side sounds pretty depressing. Is pillying even viable now with no player base. I'm really wanting to get back into the game but I feel like there have been no updates to account for the lack of player base to compensate nor has there been anything done to recruit new players

Things are indeed different. Everything, especially games, fade with age. YPP, on the other hand, has held up better than most games. The Quake series of video games was vastly more popular 15+ years ago, but has shrunk much much more than YPP has. YPP is still fun, but you do have to adapt.
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