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Posted by wrs1864b at Feb 26, 2018 8:07:01 AM
Re: Old player thinking about returning. Is it worth it? Discuss
Will I even be able to fill up a sloop to pillage? Has there been any major changes to the game to account for the lack of player base?

Yes, there have been some changes, although many will say that there haven't been enough.

For example, OOO/GH has made it so that swabbies can gun (at about a new real player level), they have increased the number of swabbies on a ship and made swabbies stick around longer as more real players join the pillage. While it has always been possible to solo pillage, it is not much more practical. You can start pillaging immediately and pick up jobbers as you go.

Still, most bnavvers would rather have only ultimate jobbers and will wait a very long time to even get above average jobbers. In part this is because it is much easier to pillage when you have great jobbers and because even though it is easier, it pays more. The game has long suffered with the problem that the game isn't much fun for the bottom 50% of players (they don't get jobbed and the pay is horrible), causing them to stop playing, which makes it so that people who used to be in the 50%-75% range to now be the new bottom 50% and the game encourages them to stop playing.

The most common game design suggestions are to make the game more fun for the top 50%, because that would make the game more fun for them. *sigh*
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