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Posted by Cronus at Feb 16, 2018 12:04:12 PM
Re: Obsidian Video Clips Contest [Deadline 7/16, Judging Underway]

I'm sorry for the exceptionally long delay with results. Unfortunately I had quite a number of tasks that kept pulling my attention away. It wasn't fair to those of you who gave us a hand, and I apologize. To that end, all winners will also receive a Cronus egg. You're welcome to force it to wobble down the plank.

You've already noticed that your clips were used to help create an amazing trailer for the Dark Seas. This trailer has now been used on our Steam store page along with various ads on social media (FB, Twitter, etc) and a few other places. We were incredibly happy with it and it couldn't have been done without all of you who participated in this event.

Below are the results of the contest: (prizes are in the process of being delivered. Keep checking pockets)

1st: Robyns - Emerald
Red Monkey

2nd: Kickhead - Obsidian
Forculus doll

3rd: Jc - Obsidian
Greenbones egg

3rd: Keaze - Obsidian
Greenbones egg

A note on judging: Scythera was the creator of the trailer using these clips and additional ones she captured. While she's not a winner here for obvious reasons, I wanted to highlight her work and all of the extra clips she ended up capturing.

Prize delivery is ongoing. Keep checking your pockets.
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