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Posted by Clotho at Feb 4, 2018 8:18:12 PM
Re: Shiny Sun Points!
Summary of Delayed (not) December (not daily) Doodles 2017/2018!

Bottle Cap Baubles
One shiny point each: Alpha, Stephs, Elyzabeth
Participated: Arianne, Bisca, Cattrin, Emery, Herowena, Mellie, Scythera, Yetidave

All I wanted for Xmas
One shiny sun point each: Arianne, Emery, Jazz
Participated: Alpha, Bisca, Cattrin, Elbee, Faeree, Greyladyy, Herowena, Scythera

Appalling Apparel
One shiny sun point each: Cattrin, Greyladyy, Herowena
Participated: Alpha, Arianne, Emery, Faeree, Jazz, Scythera

The Nicest Surprise
One shiny sun point each: Alpha, Herowena, Scythera
Participated:Arianne, Cattrin, Emery

Let's Cheer Her(a) Up
One shiny sun point each: Herowena, Arianne
Five shiny sun points: Greyladyy
Participated: Cattrin, Scythera

Cardstock Cutouts
One shiny sun point each: Alpha, Emery, Herowena
Participated: Arianne, Cattrin, Stephs

Letters to Santy Cronus
One shiny sun point each: Arianne, Cattrin, Scythera
Participated: Alpha, Emery, Gneiss, Herowena

These have all been added to the Shiny Sun Point Tally. Thank you all for participating!

(Let me know if I booched anywhere!)
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