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Posted by Kyura94 at Dec 22, 2017 3:02:07 PM
Re: Distilling on Obsidian - Has the puzzle changed?
I haven't seen any change to spawns.

Now, I am seeing 10+ spices each puzzle and it's blocking EVERY move that I know.

This happens very rarely (in my experience), but feel free to post a video of this happening. Often if I'm stuck it's because I've made a mistake or a series of poor decisions to get myself in that situation. It could be that you are managing the spice spawns poorly.

I'll just leave this here then :l

Voice SFX kept going "Spicy!" with me going "oh, is it?"
Ryuken on Emerald (active) and Obsidian (not really)
I made an in-depth Distilling guide here, and a guns one somewhere.
I gave Obsidian their Owls c:

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