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Posted by Jcmorgan6 at Nov 25, 2017 8:40:39 AM
Re: TIL you can start a skellie fray even if you're the only one.
Also when you lose a fray, one of the bots leaves. So if there are 6 and only 2 of you, you might need to start it and lose a couple times just to get it into winnable range.

I don't believe this is correct, they simply left because of the time elapsed during the fray? Source


Getting bored
If no frays are started against a group of skellies for a set period of time, the skellies will get bored and begin to leave the island, one at a time, every five minutes. This makes it easier to fill skellie fights should they appear in very large numbers.
After a skellie leaves, all challengers will receive a message stating the new number of skellies:
"Bah! We tire of just standing about. Maybe ye'll be willing to fight now that there are just (Y) of us to yer (X)?"
Skellies will stop leaving the island once they reach 5 in number.

Also OP, you're linking an album not an image
Jjc on Emerald
CI booty division stats

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