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Posted by Halloweeni2 at Nov 6, 2017 2:49:43 PM
Re: Meridian?!
I don't know how much deader the oceans can get, I feel that if I had limited resources I would focus them, doing two things poorly isn't any good.

All in on one ocean, I don't really care which one but save the game as whole. Honestly I think Obsidian is the best bet as we saw number in the 800's and with the ability to use old LE ships design work is done. Let the oceans live for 5-10 years then shut them down and start over. Its way to lopsided for new players coming in after some have acquired extreme wealth.

Let people take what they learned and try to grow faster and bigger. They need to lower the needed poe to get started for new people who want to play for free but that is a different conversation. The game won't hit large numbers with 3k dubs, it grew very well with dubs around 1k from what I have heard.

This game has been dying since 2006. I started in 2006 and left and came back when Malachite was released and now im back again. In 2006, there was thousands and i mean thousands of players! Hunter, Sage, Viridian had 1K+ on each of them oceans alone. Midnight and Cobalt had 500+ on each ocean. This game has been slowly going down and it's very upsetting because this is a very fun and addicting game. I wish they'd work on bringing more people to this game. I thought about giving out papers with the game info when kid's came around for Trick or Treating, Just to see if they'd come and play the game haha.
I wish they'd drop 200 + players onto Cerulean, Meridian, and Emerald.

Im sure someone will say I made up on them numbers but i am telling you, there was players. The game was booming at those's times. Dubs were 600.

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