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Posted by Halloweeni2 at Nov 3, 2017 4:48:37 PM
Re: Meridian?!
If they closed all the servers on the game and kept Obsidian - It would probably signal the end for Puzzle Pirates as a whole. I can almost bet you, people on Meridian, Emerald, Cerulean, Opal, and Jade - Spend more than players on Obsidian combined. There is more established players on the current 'classic' oceans. I do not like the new ocean, the Faction thing does not entertain me one bit nor does the whole, PvP in the middle of wherever it is. I don't care that i can't take my items with me to another ocean - It's time and money spent and it's sad but we are not guaranteed to have the so called items we obtained on said ocean.
Do i think the game needs a lot of revamping on the 'classic' oceans yes, the releases like the Kraken put bandages on the player base from declining more.
Now as it has gotten more boring people are starting to leave again.

What I think should happen is, close the dead severs. Don't think much can be done for Opal and Jade because they are different language based servers so close them? They ended support for German OMs on Opal?

Meridian though close it. Allow the pirates to be merged into Emerald, but only the pirates and items. No Shoppes, Islands. Shut down the server and use parts of the server and make Emerald much stronger to hold the new player base. Then advertise on STEAM the 'Classic' ocean Emerald!

Cerulean is the subscriber ocean and they could use some new players, as well as advertisements to get people over there. 9.99 a month is not bad for Unlimited access for 30 days to me it's not anyways. Since you pay that much for dubs on Obsidian, or other games.

This game is old and outdated the graphics are 2D if they are that and the games today are so much more graphical. I know for a fact they can reboot this game, look at Runescape!? It was once failing quickly, and they revamped it and now look at it? Millions play on it!
No is never the answer. You have to try before, you can say No.
The new company small, perhaps it will always be small.
Advertising may help it become bigger, and better?

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