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Posted by Devonin at Nov 3, 2017 9:56:45 AM
Re: Meridian?!
I doubt they'll actually close the server, if just to avoid having to handle people making a stink about spending real money on dubs and then having the server close. They can just let it die its own natural death to attrition since there is no reason whatsoever for new players to go there over Obsidian.

I'd love for them to try to find a way to actually close every server but Obsidian while taking care of the players on the other servers well enough that they'd stay playing on Obsidian.

Bringing all their stuff over would defeat the purpose of a 'fresh start' but as time goes by, the people who started fresh are racking up more than enough wealth to be competitive to people bringing over currency/items from older oceans, even if they just let them bring 100% over which they won't and shouldn't do.

But surely they can find ways to make it work without borking the economy of Obsidian or giving people some huge advantage out of the gate.

Lets say they figured out your net worth on-server in dubloons. So poe at the current exchange rate, ships and items etc etc at the current "value" converted into Emerald/Meridian dubloons, and then if you came over to Obsidian, while you couldn't bring anything with you (And they could almost certainly let you have outfit, one ship and one familiar) maybe they set it up so you got like 20 dubs a month, every month, for the value of stuff you had on the old ocean.

It trickles in so you don't show up filthy rich, but it takes pressure off you needing to spend more money to restablish on a new server, while giving you few enough dubloons in a month that you still have motivation to continue playing actively.

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