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Posted by Cameo9 at Oct 30, 2017 9:39:47 PM
Re: Meridian?!
Honestly, I think that the game, and this Ocean could be saved.

It would take some work from the Devs, but fixing the Dubloon exchange, would be a good first step to getting old timers back.

I think if that's not something they're interested in, then allow Pirate transfers. It'd be like a server transfer in any other MMO. It can cost money, but you and all your things come with you, you just get to change your name if someone already has yours on that server. I've been playing on and off for like 11 years, I really don't want to start over again. I doubt anyone else wants to either. OH! or you can transfer your current Pirate to Dark Seas (with all your stuff, for a fee) and you get some limited edition something or other. MMO's in the big leagues do that all the time. While YPP doesn't hold a candle to many of the big league MMO's, there are still ways that they can compete. I'd say that we're rather worth the effort, we have all been around long enough for them to at least attempt to fight for us.

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