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Posted by xelto at Oct 25, 2017 1:52:16 PM
Re: The New Interface from awhile back
Yes, the new PPX UI *looked* cool. But, the more I actually used it, the worse it was in practice. Many people are resistant to change and so early on in the public beta for PPX I stressed that people should give it a few weeks so you can adapt. Unfortunately, after using it for several weeks, I kept finding more and more serious problems with it and eventually soured on it.

One of the big issues with the interface was that it was designed by suits in offices who didn't play the game, near as I can tell. At the very least, I suspect there was interference by Sega, who was looking for something to impact their bottom line quickly.

I suspect that it would be possible to redo the interface in a way that still works. But wholesale changes would soak up many months of programming time, which I'm not sure can be lost right now. Incremental changes might be possible, depending on how the underlying code is written, but I'm not sure incremental changes would do enough to make a difference.

Moreover, expect some HWFO each and every step of the way. I mean, if you look at a pirate page, the skills used to be arranged in a real slapdash fashion, with sails at the top, bilge and guns partway down, carp near the bottom, and the rest scattered every which way. A navigator trying to job at a specific skill level or higher had to skim the entire pirate page for the skills that mattered. I suggested (and got) the current setup, where all the pirate skills that a navigator is going to care about are at the top of the page, in the same order the ship dials have.

You would not believe the screaming, tarting, whining, and all that happened for the next two weeks. You would think that OOO drowned puppies and kicked unicorns for daring to change the order that the skills were shown in. Of course, if you were to scatter sails/carp/bilge/guns between the different stats again, the HWFO would start up again. (And probably stick around after the two-week mark, because it would make screening harder, unlike the first change, which made it easier.)
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