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Posted by bahaakbu at Oct 19, 2017 11:19:07 AM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews (BIG WALL OF TEXT)
When correlated with the posting times of interim results in this thread... the one-sidedness of those responses make it blatantly obvious someone was trying to game the results.

What? How, what? How did you arrive at that conclusion?

Why would you think people were terribly interested in a fresh start? Judging by numerous messages in early testing and announcement threads, a good number of players would have rather kept their stuff amassed on the classic oceans for Dark Seas.

I'll point out this doesn't mean much statistically, currently, but to give you an idea:Within the population that has participated, 60% has been playing 10+ years and 25% playing for 5-10 years and within this population, 24/32 said a fresh start was what we needed, while 6/32 disagreed.

This of course, runs to this problem here:
If you spam in-game global, you'll need to do it on Emerald and Cerulean too, else you're just going to make your findings bias towards what Obsidian represents.

Then please do help me out. I do have free time, but I can't spend all my evenings ocean hopping. Let's get this biscuit done, so we can actually make some claims.

There are only two non-obsidian players participated.

Edit: I also would like to point out, there's a trend towards pro-PvP attitude, but it's nothing to make claims on. Like I said, help me out, get some other players on here, and we can conclude this once and for all.
Cheesemighty on Obsidian.
I'm trying to compare the opinions of people on obsidian ocean, and see if the difference is statistically significant. It's anonymous and takes less than 5 minutes:

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