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Posted by Nek0jin at Oct 18, 2017 3:30:29 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews (BIG WALL OF TEXT)
Does this work on your end? Because I have a beautiful view of the thing. You might have to be set as a collaborator to see it...

Nope. Takes me to the Obsidian Ocean questionnaire.

No worries. I think we have reasonable data from the first vote, even if someone was trying to manipulate it. Current totals are 44 (+6)/19/17. 19/50 = 38%. Even at that number, it's clear that the PvP-focused contingent is not a majority, and certainly not the supermajority-plus they seem to think and claim.

The classic PP system works well. You want to PvP with a chance of sinking? Declare war. When people take you up on the war, you get to do sinking PvP to your hearts' content with the people you're at war with... and can still PvP nearly everyone else, just with minimal consequences. Opt-in PvP is the only way that will never cost you players, because you never deal with people being unwilling victims suffering significant losses.

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