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Posted by bahaakbu at Oct 18, 2017 1:37:49 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
I hope I didn't miss any of the opinions expressed here, but I think I have it all. Here's a multiple option poll, be so kind to fill it so we get an idea. A well constructed, well thought out google forms with proper demographics and data be few magnitudes better, but it's usually very very hard to convince people to fill out forms.

The poll fails to measure an important aspect: why you chose *not* to be on obsidian. Sure, some people might choose to play on Obsidian *because* of the PvP, but others might choose not to play there at all because of it. Or the limited number of islands, or the routes are too short, or because of STEAM, or the name beings with "O".

Well, I (or someone else) could set up a proper questionnaire, individually asking these questions. Like, what do you thinking of the new sinking waters, non sinking waters division. How about the faction system, and badges and so on. With branching paths like, do you play on obsidian, why or why not? But that would require at least an hours worth of thinking and designing. If anyone is up for that, shoot. Or I might... Eventually. Google forms gives good data, if anyone is interested in creating a form with properly set up questions, I'm willing to run the statistics.

Edit: You know what, let me create one real quick.
Cheesemighty on Obsidian.
I'm trying to compare the opinions of people on obsidian ocean, and see if the difference is statistically significant. It's anonymous and takes less than 5 minutes:

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