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Posted by Nek0jin at Oct 18, 2017 9:39:14 AM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
I do not deny that a desire for another play style may exist. I'm saying it's a minority desire, contrary to the way Dark Seas operates and should not be accommodated for, especially in a blunt opt-out pay-to-avoid manner.

Emphasis added.

You'd need to provide evidence of this.

There's a lot of reasons for people to want to be playing on Obsidian, most of which are completely orthogonal to any desire for (or against) PvP.
  • A new ocean, which doesn't have over a decade of cruft and politics attached
  • A notably larger player base than any of the other oceans, only one of which is still limping along with what could be called an active player base
  • A new appeal to Steam-centric players, complete with full Steam integration, including some combo deals and the permanent Officer and Labor badges, which are not available in other oceans

I'm sure that there are other reasons that don't immediately spring to mind. But the idea that the majority of people rallying to Obsidian are doing it because "YARR, PVP!" is unfounded, and would be a notable and significant deviation from what the gaming populace has said and demonstrated in every other online multiplayer game out there.

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