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Posted by Devonin at Oct 17, 2017 1:16:16 PM
Re: Server future, Opt-out PvP, Neutral Crews
I don't know how "Clearly the large active flags are the ones who are enjoying the PvP elements of the server" is an objection to the point that the people who don't like the PvP aren't playing as much, are leaving, and aren't joining when they see how PvP influenced the game is.'re running one format of event, so eventually the only people left playing will be the ones who play that format. That is literally my point.

Yes, the size of the flags and crews that are pro-pvp is bigger. This is a pro-pvp game now. A bunch of us in the thread have said "Yeah...the fact that this is the way things are is making me less likely to get invested, less likely to stick around, and less likely to get new people into it"

I'm just curious which would be preferable to you:

This game also going stagnant in growth, peaking at 300-600 online and then slowly declining from natural attrition, but without ever compromising the "This is the PvP world" vision.

Attempting to find ways to allow other playstyles to flourish without negatively impacting the experience of the pro-pvp players, resulting in the population growing to some larger number before it levels of and starts declining from natural attrition.

(because lets be honest, this game's population is going to peak, and then start declining due to natural attrition no matter what we do)

But which do you think is better? 400 dedicated PvPers or 400 Dedicated PvPers and 200 non PvPers?

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